completing the trio of great Chinese thinkers...

Confucianism may not be my favourite of the three main streams of Chinese philosophy – too rigid and hierarchical – but for centuries his thoughts and maxims have influenced and directed Chinese life. It was only during the last few decades that his ideas were banished in China – but apparently no longer! There is a new statue of the sage in Tiananmen Square! I am not sure that either Mao or Confucius would really be happy about their new proximity…

image (cc) Hilary Farmer


6 thoughts on “Confucius!

  1. 孔子的图画很好看!我非常喜欢这幅画的颜色。你画的很好。我想打印这三幅图画(孔子、老子、佛陀)然后我将挂它们在墙上。行不行?

  2. I like the way you’ve drawn fragmentary views of the three of them, and the most complete view of the most obscure thinker.

    1. Interesting analysis… my thinking was this – (and this is just the concept of the moment and personal – others will have different ideas about these three) – the Buddha represents receptiveness, hence the focus on the ear; Laozi is seeking and experiencing, hence the gaze; while Confucius (Konzi) was the expounder and giver of moral sayings, hence the focus on his mouth…

      1. I was wondering if it was something like that, but wasn’t sure how to interpret Buddha’s ear!

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