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ship in the mist…

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moon struck...

And now for something completely different – a ship in the mist… a sneak peak at an illustration from our new project which will be coming soon to a computer near you… stayed tuned, we want to start posting Midsummer’s Day!

UPDATE: New poem from Tom – some further hints for the new project…

For when the Moon is waxing strange
and currents run just so
a portal opens to the world
where elder legends go…

(c) 2011 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer


and more cute… cat and flowers…

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cat and flowers

Spring seems to have finally made a real appearance – and to celebrate, more cuteness! Enjoy 🙂

UPDATE: New in from Tom – thanks!!

Oh what a fine piquant springtime bouquet
enclosed within these newly blossomed buds!
The choicest vintage of the early year
presenting me with such a sensual flood
of scents and textures, rich, redolent, red
within a leaf of bitter winter green
that adds a tang I just cannot resist
regardless of the winters I have seen!
Yet in my age I hesitate and savor
this moment of anticipation long…
before I leap and chomp, forbidden flavour!
‘Til nothing’s left but omnomnomnomnom!

Copyright (C) 2011 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer

cutie kitties…

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cute and sleepy

Time for some pure cute – this was inspired appropriately by an image from Cute Overload – font of much cuteness… in particular, check out this link to the new Simon’s Cat episode being pounced by the Easter bunny!

UDATE: Finally! these cute kitties get their own poem 😀

Now who is this disturbing us
from sleepy kitten dreams?
Can’t a cat get forty winks
without this constant stream
of humans interrupting us
to coo and gawk and stare
while wobbling on your goofy legs
like stilted men at fairs?

We’re quite content here, cuddled up
within the balmy shade
of this our tree. Don’t interrupt!
Our sleep is carefully made
of soft companions, special place,
the angle of the sun;
so don’t disturb our feline dreams,
just move along now, run!

Copyright (C) 2011 Tom Radcliffe

(cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer