black cat… white toes…

twinkle toes

I drew this a while ago but was inspired to use it for a post when I saw this recent kitty cartoon. Which just goes to show that everything is better with more kitties!

While you’re checking comics, don’t forget to read Songs of Albion (every MWF)! The story is starting to pick up momentum. As Tom tweeted of the latest episode “Cultural confusion! Conflict!”

UPDATE: Poem from Tom!

Like stars in velvet nighttime sky
white toes shine out while still she lies:
a sleepy constellation purring
flexing claws in dreamy stirring;
hunters thoughts of fleeing prey
fat tins of tuna run away
through alleys dark where lurks a Narf
that’s wearing calico, a scarf
of iron, a helm of tweed,
it plants a shooting sunshine seed
whose rays pour down on sleeping kits
flexing claws within white mitts.

Copyright (C) 2011 TJ Radcliffe

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer


yellow parrot tulips…a painting process

step 1 - background

I originally bought the tulips in March 2010. I was thinking at that time that if I left the canvas white where the tulips would be, that they would glow better and the yellow would be truer.

step 2

When I decided to actually develop this painting last weekend, I decided that I would be able to have a looser approach if the whole background was filled in and I wouldn’t have to worry about white canvas peaking through where I didn’t want it to.

step 3

Then I needed to actually start painting the tulips. Fortunately I had taken photos of the original tulips to work from. It developed quite quickly but didn’t yet have the contrast I wanted.

step 4

At this point I darkened up some areas and added some highlights to increase contrast. (Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t show this very clearly)

final step

Here I laid in some thick layers of paint to given some texture on the petals and leaves and finally the signature!


A detail to show the texture. Since I have been finding it a bit of a challenge to stay loose when working on canvas (as opposed to paper) I am reasonably pleased with the results.

images (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer