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…and doodle time!

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happy floral

This is a very random doodle I created recently… flowers built up with transparent layers. I am experimenting with transparency in some recent paintings as well. I may post something on that in a bit if something turns out to be interesting.

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer


tea time!

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green tea tasting session

Recently I have been very focused on the art (doodles) side of the blog and I haven’t had much to say about tea – for the same reason as I mentioned some time ago. That is, there are some serious tea connoisseurs out there writing very interesting and informative posts about tea with much more knowledge on the subject than I have. So once again for those interested, here are a few new (to me) tea blogs.
Sir William of the Leaf has a quietly serious approach and thoroughly describes the ins and outs of all kinds of tea.
Life in Teacup is more light-hearted but no less useful for the serious tea appreciator.
the_skua steeps is interesting since the author is a potter as well as tea lover. If you like to look at beautiful hand made tea things, you’ll see some here.

The photo above was a tea tasting session from a while ago. Lately I have gotten out of  the habit of photographing the process. I am still drinking tea though and learning more about it all the time.

Happy sipping!

Sea bear – close-up!

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Sorry, I am not posting very often this summer. As I mentioned before, a lot of my spare time is going into Songs of Albion and random doodles are happening less often. So today I decided to post one of my recent favourites from the images that have gone up with the story so far… and here is the poem that accompanies it there by Tom Radcliffe – a whimsical take on a famous T.S. Eliot poetic segment.

Rothgar the Seabear, a fortnight famished
Forgot the cry of gulls and the deep sea swell
and the penguins and the whales.
A current under the ship
Swept her along in silence. As she rose and fell
She rubbed her back upon the barnacles of Hull
Entering the vortices.
Human or bear
O you who grip the rudder and gnaw the stern-post,
Consider Rothgar, who thinks it tastes like chicken.

(c) 2011 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the original poem segment by TS Eliot Death by Water from The Wasteland. As suggested in the comments, it is even more amusing to read them one after the other!

new elf-girl character!

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cute with big eyes...and funky hair

I have not been posting very often lately – so much of my spare time has been taken up with preparing images for Songs of Albion. So I thought I would show a new character. I think she turned out pretty well! (Strictly speaking there aren’t elves in Albion but… well, what are they??)

UPDATE: New poem from Tom with further hints…

We are the people of the sun and sky:
the air above, the waters silent. Deep
within the forests of this fleeting Earth
our home abides, beyond the gate where glides
the soft mysterious Moon within the day.
We are not here, but wait! Perhaps we are…
or are we just reflections in a pool
of still clear tidal water? We laugh
along the sunlit uplands of the world
and all we are and all you’ll one day be
is caught within that momentary smile.

Copyright (C) 2011 TJ Radcliffe

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer