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today’s doodle – fall flowers…

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golden rod, asters and Indian paintbrush…

Unlike the last doodle, which I did from memory, this time I checked out a few photographs of fall flowers and created a composition with some that go well together at this time of year. I especially remember these three from summers growing up – it’s really the end of summer when you see goldenrod, asters and Indian paintbrush in the fields… they are a pleasant, pretty way to celebrate those last fine, warm days – and on to fall!

UPDATE: A sonnet from Tom via the comments to celebrate an autumnal and flowery equinox!

Last colours bright to catch the summer sun
as the autumn equinox arrives
with promise of fall’s fire that swiftly runs
from tree to tree, for all that grows and strives
is ready for the turning of the year
when soon the snows of winter will accost
whatever warmth might linger in the sere
and brittle autumn carpet ‘neath the frost.
Now goldenrod and asters take the field
extravagantly florid floral flowers
while they bloom the summer will not yield
nor give an inch before those icy powers.
Long summer dusk gives way to early night
while still the flowers raise their colours bright.

Copyright (C) 2012 TJ Radcliffe

(cc) image Hilary Farmer


today’s doodle – Black-eyed Susans…

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black-eyed susans…

A new doodle was a bit overdue and some cheerful yellow flowers seemed in order. I drew these black-eyed susans from memory. I often use photographs to help me to make at least a somewhat realistic basis for a drawing even if it ends up more impressionistic. This time I went ahead without any real image – just that in my head. I wanted to create a feeling of the coming autumn with these yellow flowers. Hope you enjoy!

UPDATE: Just in, a rather lengthy ballad from Tom in the comments… here’s the first verse to get a taste.

We always called her Black-Eyed Sue
’cause she was a feisty gal
who’d black your eye for look that’s wry
or a hand laid on her pal:

image (cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer