today’s doodle – Black-eyed Susans…

black-eyed susans…

A new doodle was a bit overdue and some cheerful yellow flowers seemed in order. I drew these black-eyed susans from memory. I often use photographs to help me to make at least a somewhat realistic basis for a drawing even if it ends up more impressionistic. This time I went ahead without any real image – just that in my head. I wanted to create a feeling of the coming autumn with these yellow flowers. Hope you enjoy!

UPDATE: Just in, a rather lengthy ballad from Tom in the comments… here’s the first verse to get a taste.

We always called her Black-Eyed Sue
’cause she was a feisty gal
who’d black your eye for look that’s wry
or a hand laid on her pal:

image (cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer

7 thoughts on “today’s doodle – Black-eyed Susans…

  1. We always called her Black-Eyed Sue
    ’cause she was a feisty gal
    who’d black your eye for look that’s wry
    or a hand laid on her pal:

    a lady known as Lucy
    who once came into gold
    when she wandered north and returned forth
    her heart turned hard and cold.

    But then she met our Susan
    who kept flowers on the bar
    and staked her claim to that northern dame
    who’d traveled long and far

    to where the icy Northern Lights
    shine cold, red, white and green
    over men who moil while women toil
    and there’s things you’ve never seen:

    a burning man, long dead, who speaks;
    a stranger gunning wild;
    howling moons and barking loons
    by cold and silence riled.

    Young Susan thawed that frozen heart
    then partnered her for life,
    but she’d black your eye if she thought you nigh
    to causing any strife.

    They lived their lives, two merry wives,
    though tongues would sometimes wag
    until the day Sue passed away
    and Lou was seen to sag.

    Though at the wake she she stood up tall
    reminding us of Susan:
    “Though summer’s gone, my love lives on,
    until my life’s conclusion

    “I’ve known me men from north and south
    but only one heart true
    she was my love, by God above,
    the lady known as Sue.”

    🙂 Lovely image! You’ve got a good memory for flowers!

    Not really pleased with the way this came out but don’t have time to do more right now, and it’s fighting me a bit, as these things sometimes do. Part of the problem is that I can’t think of Black Eyed Susans without this song filling my head: so I wanted something quite different, although I guess in some ways it’s more than same than a straight flower-poem would have been. But the Robert Service-ish idea seemed like a good one at the time!

    1. Hey Tom! Thanks!!
      I kind of agree though – I like the concept but think the execution not quite your best… anyway, my recent drawings haven’t been my best either! lol

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