oil painting – a beginning…

first oil painting – blue jug and pumpkin

It has been much too long since my last post. My old HP tablet pc stopped working so I haven’t been able to create new computer drawings. While I look for a new tablet pc or hybrid slate or whatever they’re called now, I will share some other art.
Since I have been wanting to try working in oils for a while now, I decided to start with a basic course this fall. The subject matter for our first still life was quite simple but I can see the potential for that luminous quality that oil paintings can have even in this first attempt. I am also enjoying the quality that oils have of staying workable on the canvas much longer than acrylics.
A new creative journey begins!

Note: The signature was added digitally for upload purposes since this is just course work.

(cc) Hilary Farmer 2012


5 thoughts on “oil painting – a beginning…

  1. The luster of the oils definitely comes through in the image! I’ve missed your updates (and don’t have a poem for this one!)

    Carrie and I saw the Ian Wallace exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery last week and I’ve come to a much deeper understanding of conceptual art as an act of pure narcissism: the artist’s goal in removing the concrete subject is fundamentally to ensure that there’s nothing to distract the viewer from the artist’s presence in the work. Effectively, the artist themself becomes the only subject available. Navel gazing at its worst.

    This kind of concrete subject is a very pleasant contrast!

    1. Thanks Tom! I would have been really surprised if you had had a poem for this one.
      As far as the narcissism of some art I’m sure you’re right… however, there are those trying to see and show a vision of the world (rather like poetry) to shine a light on an idea…

      1. It was the artist whose work consisted of taking pictures of where he had bitten his own skin that really hit the narcissism aspect of this particular exhibit home, although it was already heavy with work that was artists making art about artists making art about art. It’s certainly possible to make conceptual art without narcissism, but this show really clarified for me why a purely narcissistic artist would be drawn to conceptual art, which is unfortunate because the art they make is necessarily pretty boring, because while there’s a little narcissist in us all, pure narcissists are boring people.

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