oil painting 3… pensive girl


My third oil painting to share. I am reasonably pleased with this one… in a couple of weeks flaws that don’t bother me at the moment may become too annoying but for now I am enjoying the satisfaction of completing the painting course and making some progress.
I like the idea of telling a story with a painting so in the future, I will think about setting and props when I paint someone. Here, I tried to create a mood with colour and the girl’s expression.

oil on canvas 14″x18″
(cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer


A simple doodle… resting cat

Resting cat...
Resting cat…

Finally a new doodle from my new device! It’s an iPad mini!! I am experimenting with various apps to doodle with. This one was created with Zen Brush.

Here’s a haiku from Tom! Thanks Tom!!

tiny sound alerts

cat’s forepaws, head, upright ears

hindquarters still sleep

(c) Tom Radcliffe 2012

image (cc) Hilary Farmer 2012