A simple doodle… resting cat

Resting cat...
Resting cat…

Finally a new doodle from my new device! It’s an iPad mini!! I am experimenting with various apps to doodle with. This one was created with Zen Brush.

Here’s a haiku from Tom! Thanks Tom!!

tiny sound alerts

cat’s forepaws, head, upright ears

hindquarters still sleep

(c) Tom Radcliffe 2012

image (cc) Hilary Farmer 2012


4 thoughts on “A simple doodle… resting cat

  1. Glad you got the technical issues worked out!

    I really like the way the front half of the cat seems all ready to pounce while the back end is still in full-relaxation mode! Reminds me of a certain very lazy black-and-white critter.

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