simple doodle – prancing pony…



Just a quick doodle created with “Zen Brush” on my ipad mini. I am still have difficulty making an app perform similarly to Gimp so for now, I will just go with the strengths of the apps that I have. I am also thinking about a longer term solution with a different type of hardware but for the winter, I will keep on painting (the on-canvas kind) with some simple doodles (as above) in between.

image (cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer (first posted on Twitter 29 December, 2012.)


6 Responses to “simple doodle – prancing pony…”

  1. Lovely movement and great volume! It reminds me of beautiful calligraphy for some reason.

  2. frothquaffer Says:

    lovely drawing but you’ll have to start thinking about snakes. Year of the Snake is just around the corner, not year of the horse… Kim’s a snake 😉

  3. Beautiful, marvelous drawing!

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