Year of the snake doodle and haiku…

year of the snake

year of the snake

Finally posting an image for Chinese New Year! We were busy last weekend with celebrating – eating Chinese dumplings with friends – mmmm!
I was having a difficult time thinking of a way to make a snake cute. So when I saw a really cute snake in the style of a traditional Chinese paper-cut on a billboard in the metro last week, I let myself be inspired… yes, that’s where idea of the flowers came from!

Here’s Tom’s haiku from when I posted this image on twitter.
a lisping forked tongue
funky flower-petal skin
year of the cute snake!

(c) TJ Radcliffe 2013

image (cc) 2013 Hilary Farmer (with credit to billboard artist!)


2 Responses to “Year of the snake doodle and haiku…”

  1. lovely looking cute cobra belies the bite that possibly pulses poison into bloodstream. Kim is a snake! many thanks for the sensational slithering snake!

    • I’m really glad you like it! The addition of the flowers to pattern the back, makes it seem more friendly – less dangerous… but maybe it’s just camouflage!
      Anyway, I am sure Kim is the very best kind of snake 🙂 all good things to her for her year!!

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