China trip – Southern Anhui province – Tunxi

the alley to the hotel!

the alley to the hotel!

Southern Anhui province was love at almost first sight… it took a couple of tries to find this alley in Tunxi (also know as Huangshan Shi or Yellow Mountain City) where the hotel was located… The pedicab driver from the train station got lost!

garden with puppy!

garden with puppy!

The hotel was converted from two old homes so entering meant going through a series of courtyards complete with beautiful mossy planting, cat and puppy. Sorry, cat not caught on camera.

beautiful reception area

beautiful reception area

The hotel reception was all traditional wood detailing and art work… a pleasant place to wait in the rain…

another courtyard

another courtyard

Across from the reception another courtyard…

courtyard and stairs

courtyard and stairs

…and then stairs led to the room. I would have stayed here longer if I could have – it was lovely!

Laojie "Old Street"

Laojie “Old Street”

Caught here slightly off hours, Laojie was usually crowded with shoppers and shopkeepers. The most charming part of Tunxi.

view from second floor teashop window

view from second floor teashop window

Found a lovely two storey teashop the last day in Tunxi. Drank delicious green tea and nibbled on cookies prepared on site. An interesting confection filled with dried fruit and so strangely reminiscent of my mother’s mincemeat tarts.

mmmmmm... so good!

mmmmmm… so good!

And other fabulous food in Tunxi… we managed to order up some vegetarian feasts!

photos (cc) 2013 Hilary Farmer


4 Responses to “China trip – Southern Anhui province – Tunxi”

  1. Making me hungry! 🙂

  2. More lovely picture! Laojie really reminds me of those paintings you did… I think you still have one but sold the other? Was it of the same place, or elsewhere?

    • Thanks! Yes, I still have one of that pair hanging on my wall… I still like it! The places have a similar flavour for sure but the paintings you’re talking about were of a town in Taiwan called Jiufen.

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