Robins’ world mandala…

20160721-robins world mandala
Robins’ world mandala

This is quite a leap from a traditional mandala …but after the idea popped into my head, I needed to see what it would look like! This is more of a sketch of the idea and I expect I will revisit the theme since it was so intriguing to me as it developed.

UPDATE: New poem from Tom. It’s a quirky one!!  Thanks 🙂

Birdy herds and hurdy gerds
The carousel of life
Early worms from earthy berms
A tasty treat that’s nice
For little chicks in nesty sticks
As fledglings dream of sky
The egg at core a world and more
A universe draws nigh

image (C) 2016 Hilary Farmer

poem (c) 2016 Tom Radcliffe


Daily whirl mandala…

back to the daily whirl…

Added water colour to the previous mandala this week. Being back at work definitely impacted the choices with it turning out more intense than I was thinking while drawing it on vacation.
I really enjoyed the process this time. The selection and application of the colours was joyful representing the ongoing dance of daily life in a positive way …or that’s how I see it!

UPDATE: New poem from Tom in the comments. It is wonderful, circular and evocative! It sees meaning in and brings meaning to the image. Extraordinary!

as seasons pass and so do days
beneath the sun’s synoptic rays
soft petals furl, unfold, then fly
while flowers turn to face the sky
berries ripen, roses bloom
around the centre’s edge, assume
this too will pass and be reborn
as sure as night gives way to morn
and morning yields to burning noon
then noon to dusk until the moon
repaints cold night with silver rays
as seasons pass and so do days

image (cc) 2016 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2016 Tom Radcliffe