Robins’ world mandala…

20160721-robins world mandala
Robins’ world mandala

This is quite a leap from a traditional mandala …but after the idea popped into my head, I needed to see what it would look like! This is more of a sketch of the idea and I expect I will revisit the theme since it was so intriguing to me as it developed.

UPDATE: New poem from Tom. It’s a quirky one!!  Thanks 🙂

Birdy herds and hurdy gerds
The carousel of life
Early worms from earthy berms
A tasty treat that’s nice
For little chicks in nesty sticks
As fledglings dream of sky
The egg at core a world and more
A universe draws nigh

image (C) 2016 Hilary Farmer

poem (c) 2016 Tom Radcliffe


4 thoughts on “Robins’ world mandala…

      1. The drawing includes some very intricate designs. I suggest you post a zoomed in excerpt of one quadrant. I think it would be interesting to look at it in more details.

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