Seasonal bird – 3

Spotted Towhee at rest (5″x6″ acrylic on Arches paper)

I started doing a fun series of birds in December. I plan to post one per day for the “Twelve Days of Christmas” with a short poem from Tom for each. Hope you enjoy!

To you I look swift
darting through the winter air.
To my eyes I’m slow.

Image (c) 2020 Hilary Farmer
Poem (c) TJ Radcliffe

4 thoughts on “Seasonal bird – 3

  1. Great painting but I can’t believe you didn’t paint it with the crest up. A towhee with the crest up is so adorable. But who am I to complain? You are doing such a great job of picking and painting these birds. 6 stars out of 5!

      1. Your backgrounds are so perfectly luscious too: great balance between form and abstraction. Honestly? One can know when a person has that “it” factor in the arts, that certain feeling or skill that the great fine artists have that is indescribable but recognizable when seen or heard. You so have “it”!

      2. Thanks! This is something new that I guess has come out of doing more abstracts this year but I just sat down and had so much fun doing these birds with the abstracted backgrounds. There was a “joyful rightness” to how they feel to me …so glad other people like them too!

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