Big Sky

Big Sky (7″ x 10″ oil on Arches Oil Paper)

This one was an imagined view. I was thinking about clouds and this colours, shapes and patterns they make. It has more of a feeling of the landscapes where I grew up in Southern Ontario than where I live now on the West Coast of Canada. Fairly flat farm land with trees between the fields and dreamy puffy clouds.

image (c) 2021 Hilary Farmer

2 thoughts on “Big Sky

  1. Get rid of the trees and you have where I grew up! (But don;t get rid of the trees, though). Sometimes it is not what you add but what you don’t add, what remains left off… or that which does not interfere with other parts. There is a lot of biological whimsy in your painting for an architect… but then again… Gaudi was an architect…

    I give this 10 point 5 out of 10…

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