Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains (11″ x 14″ oil on canvas)

This painting was inspired by our recent trip to the Sunshine Coast. On the day we left (by sailboat) the mist and clouds had crept in, the rain was starting and the wind was picking up. The crossing of the strait ended up being quite uncomfortable! However, the view looking back up Jervis Inlet definitely made up for it. Photos really don’t do it justice. This is definitely a case where it is wonderful to be a painter instead of a photographer. I was able to paint it as I remembered the view with just some photographic reference. Although the colour palette might look fairly monochrome, there is a surprising range of colours in it.

(C) 2022 Hilary Farmer

4 thoughts on “Misty Mountains

  1. This is so incredible; the kind of painting that reminds us why painting remains with us in the 21st century. We can always have/get photorealism… BUT… a painting like this includes a feeling of how it gets remembered, how memory/image work together to create the reality of how we felt, and how we would like to feel going forward. The way you make the “light” “shine” on the misty clouds from above is so completely perfect. It has a wonderfully soporific effect on me that comes from similar memory experiences… there aren’t enough stars in the Universe to give this painting “out of ten…”!!

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