mini-mandala 4

mini-mandala 4

Well, I was in a curious and very detailed frame of mind for this one! I think the best part though is likely the 15 tiny cats.

Following this – maybe the oddest yet – mandala, here is Tom’s weird and delightful poem! It makes me giggle every time I read it!

Once upon a wobbly tower
a cat was cuddled in a bower
deep within the greenwood’s dell
where the sunlight softly fell
through the highest canopies
of lollipops and candy trees
down beneath the cotton clouds
where the tramping feet of crowds
can’t disturb the sleep of cats
warm and safe on leafy mats.

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 TJ Radcliffe

a portrait of Ming …oil painting

Ming contemplates

I decided to try a portrait of one of my cats yesterday and was pleasantly surprised with the resulting painting. I had a lot of fun playing with colour and value and catching that gleam in her eye. 🙂

Tom was inspired to write a poem to go with the painting that captures her personality wonderfully too!

alert intensity looks out
a presence in repose
confidence without a doubt
begat by extra toes

sharp attention to a point
where what is not might be
space and time meet at a joint
that only cats can see

soft Ming is watching worlds role by
and distant future scenes
as upon the chair she lies
content to reign as queen

painting (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 Tom Radcliffe

Cat and flowers…

cat and flowers

This quick 4″x 6″ postcard was inspired by a photograph in a delightful calendar from 2006 (A Cat in the Garden – photos by Del Greger). I knew there was a reason I was keeping it!

UPDATE: New haiku from Tom!!

hunter stalks flowers
fierce eyes threaten destruction
inner cougar purrs

water colour (cc) Hilary Farmer 2016
poem (c) Tom Radcliffe 2016

today’s doodle – stretching cat

stretching… or pouncing?

It’s been too long! I’ve been working longer hours recently and haven’t wanted to look at a computer too much after work but here is a quick doodle. Hoping to get back into the zone!

Hoping a haiku will be in order… Tom??

UPDATE: Thanks Tom!

beneath rainbow skies
stretching cat prepares for work
then goes back to sleep

image (cc) 2013 Hilary Farmer

haiku (c) 2013 Tom Radcliffe

summer doodle… cat and flowers

a cat on a summer day

Here is something new and summer-y but I think things may continue to be slow for July. I hadn’t expected to need a long break after finishing Albion, but that seems to be what’s happening. Instead of drawing on the computer as much, I will be spending more time outdoors and playing on my harp. It’s important to have a change of pace sometimes! In any case, I expect to get back at drawing and posting those drawings fairly soon.

Hey, how about a haiku for this one… Tom?

UPDATE: And here’s a wonderfully fitting haiku from Tom! Thanks!!

eager ears a-twitch
something stirs the summer flowers
cat pounces the breeze

Copyright (C) 2012 TJ Radcliffe

image (cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer

black cat… white toes…

twinkle toes

I drew this a while ago but was inspired to use it for a post when I saw this recent kitty cartoon. Which just goes to show that everything is better with more kitties!

While you’re checking comics, don’t forget to read Songs of Albion (every MWF)! The story is starting to pick up momentum. As Tom tweeted of the latest episode “Cultural confusion! Conflict!”

UPDATE: Poem from Tom!

Like stars in velvet nighttime sky
white toes shine out while still she lies:
a sleepy constellation purring
flexing claws in dreamy stirring;
hunters thoughts of fleeing prey
fat tins of tuna run away
through alleys dark where lurks a Narf
that’s wearing calico, a scarf
of iron, a helm of tweed,
it plants a shooting sunshine seed
whose rays pour down on sleeping kits
flexing claws within white mitts.

Copyright (C) 2011 TJ Radcliffe

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer

Marlowe’s Cat!

Plum Bottom?

Sorry for the lack updates recently – well, my excuse is that I have been distracted by our new website and graphic web-novel – Songs of Albion with writing by Tom Radcliffe – a frequent contributor to this blog!
This was a very quick doodle that became the basis of a main character – and we liked him so much that this sketch has been included in the story. Check it out!!

UPDATE: Oops! I forgot to put this up right away when it came in from Tom… a ballad to a purple cat… but no, it touches on many things Albion in just three short verses… read on!

Upon the shores of Albion
our purple Cat abides
hunting mice in forests deep
or eels at lower tides

while Marlowe makes himself a fool
with dominating passions
Cat’s the perfect cat: aloof
from fickle human fashions

Perhaps a Spaniard in the works
will turn his world on end
where up is down and foul is fair
and enemy is friend!

Copyright (C) 2011 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer

and more cute… cat and flowers…

cat and flowers

Spring seems to have finally made a real appearance – and to celebrate, more cuteness! Enjoy 🙂

UPDATE: New in from Tom – thanks!!

Oh what a fine piquant springtime bouquet
enclosed within these newly blossomed buds!
The choicest vintage of the early year
presenting me with such a sensual flood
of scents and textures, rich, redolent, red
within a leaf of bitter winter green
that adds a tang I just cannot resist
regardless of the winters I have seen!
Yet in my age I hesitate and savor
this moment of anticipation long…
before I leap and chomp, forbidden flavour!
‘Til nothing’s left but omnomnomnomnom!

Copyright (C) 2011 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer

cutie kitties…

cute and sleepy

Time for some pure cute – this was inspired appropriately by an image from Cute Overload – font of much cuteness… in particular, check out this link to the new Simon’s Cat episode being pounced by the Easter bunny!

UDATE: Finally! these cute kitties get their own poem 😀

Now who is this disturbing us
from sleepy kitten dreams?
Can’t a cat get forty winks
without this constant stream
of humans interrupting us
to coo and gawk and stare
while wobbling on your goofy legs
like stilted men at fairs?

We’re quite content here, cuddled up
within the balmy shade
of this our tree. Don’t interrupt!
Our sleep is carefully made
of soft companions, special place,
the angle of the sun;
so don’t disturb our feline dreams,
just move along now, run!

Copyright (C) 2011 Tom Radcliffe

(cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer