what if – part 14…

getting cosy

It’s story telling time back at Cindy’s boudoir… This one took a while – there’s a lot of detail! Hope you enjoy!!

As for the others of this series, I’m looking forward to seeing what Tom will write for his humorous accompanying poem in the comments – don’t forget to check it out!!

UPDATE: The poem has been posted in the comments – time to get Cindy out of the house and … well, I’m not sure where exactly…!!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 13…


Important! (especially if you’re Tom) Don’t read below until you’ve formed your own idea of the image.

OK here’s my theory… The birds of the island are suffering from some kind of environmental malady which causes them to lose the ability to fly. The Brogga-dan-oan are trying to help. They recognize that flying is a joyous thing for the birds so when they first see signs of the illness, they catch them and take them flying/walking. Otherwise, within a few days, the birds would fall – likely into the ocean – becoming food for fish. The Brogga-dan-oan are trying to figure out what is causing it and restore flight to the ones who have lost it… but this is just one option – we’ll see if Tom comes up with some completely different reason for the strange goings on a-shore a volcanic island…

and speaking of volcanoes (and apropos of a comment my cat typed the other day) check out “How to name a volcano“!

UPDATE: The new poetic instalment is now in the comments and is quite a different take on the plot than I had been thinking – I’m sure you’ll find it intriguing!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 12…

an " 'island fling"??

OK that’s a terrible pun but I couldn’t resist. Remember that the island folk had a Celtic sounding name and then there they were dancing… so the highland fling came to mind… and yes, they’re out walking their birds. Not sure why… Hopefully Tom can help with that when he sends in the next poetic segment!

I have added a category for the “what if” series so if you’re just starting, you can click on it to see all of them without distractions and for maximum amusement value – check the comments!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 11…

a helping hand... or fin!

Well, we left our little Coracle taking on water and in some trouble… but I think she has the sense to have a backup plan and friends to help her out of difficulties when they arise out in the expanses of the seas – not really a “silly cow”!! And don’t worry, she’s just having a little nap while her friends tow her to the island! Well, OK she may be a bit embarrassed…

Please click on this one to get a good view – this setup isn’t kind to horizontal format drawings!

Here’s a another link from Cute Overload – I picked it because it seems almost weird enough to fit into the world of our story…

Looking forward to the next instalment of poetic story? Don’t forget to check the comments!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 10…


I guess it’s not really that scary when you keep the scale of the ship in mind… and I have the feeling that a creature like that would not be days from shore so perhaps they will make landfall the next day!

Let’s see where the story goes next when Tom has a chance to post a new poem in the comments!

UPDATE: Please read the comments for one of the best poems yet!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 9…

too much traffic!

The little ship is a bit concerned about all the traffic out there. I’m not sure that the whalatuns are exactly as per the poetic description in Part 8 but that’s how they came out! As usual for this series, stay tuned for the poem to come in the comments from Tom Radcliffe.

For a change of pace, here’s a link to a particularly interesting piece of art, Blank Stare. The artist has a whole series of paintings of people looking at art. (Click “home” to get to her main page to see more.)

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 8…

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish?

I didn’t realize until I had finished, that I had almost recreated another famous Dr. Seuss moment! Technically, it’s a pink fish and there is one extra fish peaking in from the top corner but otherwise…

I actually had a personal adventure with a flying fish – while sailing in the South Pacific… I was on night watch and something hit me in the face!! You can perhaps see why I might picture them as threatening lol – in fact, they are quite charming and benign. Mine are more like flying pyranhas 😀  I hope the little ship and her passengers (if you’re following the story in the comments) get through this mini adventure without any bites.

OK yet another random Patches just because – well it is pretty amusing!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 7…

alternative craft

Tom’s last poem left the Grinch, the stranger and the morse at the top of a cliff contemplating a sea voyage in a strange ship. I couldn’t resist putting this image down. Hope you like the ship! I see her as a sentient being who makes her living ferrying the occasional adventurer across these remote waters… Let’s see what Tom makes of it all 😉

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 6…

in the land of the forest critters...

The handsome stranger is telling a story about his sojourn in another curious land.

I’ve done my part. Now I can just sit back and wait for Tom’s poetry to see what happens next! Stay tuned… or rather, visit again soon!

For your pleasure, another cute moment from Patches.

UPDATE: check the comments for the latest poem!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 5…

...cause I've been thru the desert on a morse named McDuff...

…it feels good to be out in the rough
in the desert, you can remember some stuff,
’cause there ain’t no one for to give you no guff…

OK we’ll leave the poetry to Tom. Don’t forget to check in the comments for the next part of the poetic story – although there may be a lull over the long weekend so if there isn’t anything yet, check again next week! It will be worth the wait!

You may see something similar in this Karen William’s painting – I noticed after I finished the above. Nice shadow!

UPDATE – here we have Tom’s latest – hot off his Blackberry!

The Bleen are a folk who look like pink eggs
With stick-skinny arms and short stubby legs.
They live ‘neath the dunes of the Great Sandy Sea
Where the Red Ribbon Road runs past invisible trees
That the Bleen use to build all manner of goods
They trade far and wide in that most special wood
That no one can see, nor yet touch, neither taste…
But it  grows in that dry dusty pitiless waste!
Some say the Bleen have just made it up
No water will stay in invisible cups!
But I say I’ve seen it with these eyes right here:
Invisible wood is a plant without peer!

“Good heavens,” said Cindy, “To think that you’ve seen
Such wonderful wonders as pink-eggish Bleen!”

“They aren’t a patch on where I once met
A certain relation who now is beset!”

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2010 Tom Radcliffe