why there’s a rabbit on the moon – final page!

A brief break to the ongoing “What if” poetic tale, to finally bring you the last page for the Rabbit on the Moon series!

As ever, you can see it en français on le 12 as well!

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French translation on le 12 courtesy of Maxime Dallaire – thanks Max!


why there’s a rabbit on the moon – page 4

It’s been a while since we saw a page layout for Rabbit in the Moon – I guess we needed a break. Anyway, here’s the second last page – final layout next month. I’m pretty happy with this one both because it has my favourite image of the whole series and because I did the layout myself this time! Check out this month’s le 12 for the version en français!

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why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 22

rabbit on the moon

To this day, if you look closely, you can still see them together, companionably pounding the elixir of immortality.

Houyi died shortly after of rage – that’s what they called a heart attack back then – thereby proving the ancient saying that “a tyrant never choses his own death”. The people rejoiced and vowed never to have a king again… until the next time.

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Here it is – the final image for “why there’s a rabbit on the moon”! I hope you had as much fun reading as I had producing the story. By-the-way, the ancient saying I quote here, was quoted in the Tao Te Ching as an already ancient saying, see verse 42.

why there’s a rabbit on the moon – recap 3

Well, I guess the final image will be posted next week since I am not completely happy with it yet. In the meantime, here’s the most recent recap… and you can check it out as usual en français on le 12!

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why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 20

the rabbit speaks

Chang’e was suddenly inspired. She broke off a piece of the pill of immortality to give her beloved rabbit.

The rabbit gave her a peculiar look. “Did you not know all this time, that I was already an immortal? I chose this form in order to help you also become one.” he said. 我 是 仙 人

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why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 19


With someone approaching, there would be no time to destroy the pill! Not waiting to see if it was indeed Houyi, awakened from his hypnosis or one of his henchmen, she realized that the only way to keep the elixir of immortality from Houyi forever was to swallow it herself. The thought of eternity alone suddenly overwhelmed her.

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Well, I’m back! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday break and all the best for the coming year!

why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 17

out the window

Houyi lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. Chang’e left the room and walked swiftly with silent steps to her study. She knew that despite it being the result of years of research, she must destroy her own work. As she gathered up the tools and potions to render the pill useless, she suddenly heard a sound at the door. She snatched up her satchel and with her rabbit, fled through the window into the garden below.

Well – Happy Solstice! I had meant to finish the story today but that’s not going to happen… I rewrote the ending and now there will be a few more images to complete the whole thing. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

I forgot to mention when I posted yesterday – this is 100 posts!! Yeah me! 😀

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why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 16

you are feeling very sleepy...

After her initial distress, Chang’e calmed and focused her energy. “My darling, you are right, I do have the elixir but it was to be a gift for you at tomorrow’s… important ceremony. Since you have waited so long, one more night cannot matter. So now…you…will…go…back…to…sleeeeep…”

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