Opening of my show “Whimsy”

Just before the opening of my show “Whimsy”

Usually, I post a painting amd say a few words about it but this week, my featured artist spot at a local gallery opened so I wanted to share! In all there are about twenty of my pieces hanging in the gallery until June 4th including some abstracts, my Skyflowers series and my Exploring the Edges series. I was so delighted to see it all hanging together!

Working as an artist can be quite isolated at the best of times and the past two years even more so. Having the chance to share my work and have positive feedback from other artists and gallery visitors was quite moving.

(C) 2022 Hilary Farmer


Lily-pond (12″ x 12″ oil on canvas)

I painted this one for a specific local show which isn’t until January but I wanted to make sure it would be dry in lots of time for varnishing. All the paintings in the show will be the same format (12″ x 12″) and the same price but all different styles and subjects. I really hope mine appeals to someone …who doesn’t like waterlilies, right?!

Tom wrote a poem for this one about the power of illusions.

Some days I think that I could walk across
the mirror-surface of this lily-pond
stepping on the stones of green and gloss
all my weight supported by the fronds
of floating pads. Their vines are columns, stone
could not provide as much support or strength
as their living sinews, summer-grown
from roots and stems, prodigious in length.
Could I not walk on water, dance on air?
Could I not just this once defy the laws?
Could I not touch the face of one so fair?
Could I not have effect without a cause?
Some days there are illusions that have power
But none so great as one strong lily’s flower.

image (c) 2020 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2020 TJ Radcliffe