ready for the ball?

so what's the prince waiting for?

I’m not quite sure if she’s feeling smug or impatient… this was a very quick doodle trying to capture a more elusive type of expression – and you can read into it what you want! … with this rather loose style, it looks a more like Cinderella before the fairy godmother did her bit!

UPDATE: Here’s Tom’s poem – this girl has attitude!

You wanna piece of me? I’m sayin’
this dress won’t mend itself!
So if you wanna dance you’re payin’
or get back on the shelf!
I’ve had enough of little boys
who think they’re big tough men:
they’re still playin’ with their toys,
no cockerel for a hen
who’s got the chops I got, boyo,
you see this body here?
You wanna piece of this? Oh no!
You gotta have no fear!
So step right up and do your best.
I’ll knock you right back down
unless you pass my special test
and give me my own crown!

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer