happy dance…

where did everybody go?

Tom mentioned a while ago that he thought I should draw some elegant terns sometime – so here they are! Let’s see what he sends in as a response – he certainly won’t be able to resist!

I am trying out a new multi-image format. Elegant terns are most expressive in their movement so this seemed the best way to show them – don’t they remind you of a Snoopy happy dance?!

When trying to be expressive with animals I almost always think first of  The Abominable as the model for how it can be done – if you never have, check it out – cute, touching and full of animals!

UPDATE: Just in from Tom in the comments!

Frame 1 (Cue music):

“I’m a dancing tern
Watch and learn…

Frame 2:

“You and I
We can fly
Or swooping on fish we can dive…!”

Frame 3:

Alternative 1:

elegant terns fly
when they realize true joy
lacks all irony

Alternative 2:

shouldn’t have asked her
if she’s ever gotten laid
since she was an egg

(c) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer