face doodle…


Once again I have been very busy with making drawings and keeping up a decent buffer for Albion and so have been spending less time creating images especially for this blog… and when I do, they are quicker sketches rather than very detailed or designed. However, I still feel that it is possible to learn something from spontaneous doodling and so I am sharing this example. Besides, doodling is fun!

In other news, I am now on Twitter so you can follow me @hjfarmer When I figure out how to, I will add the link to the blog! For some reason the first time I tried, the whole configuration of my blog changed – and we can’t be havin’ with that!

UPDATE: New sonnet from Tom. Thanks!!

What fresh-faced bloom of golden youth
What rosy cheeks and limpid eyes
Wide open to perceive the truth
Not anticipating lies:
He’s unafraid and curious
About the world mysterious
As he sets off to go… explore
And open up each hidden door.
A decade gone the bloom will wither
The field of innocence will grow
Long hedges: wisdom row on row
Calling truths from hence to hither
While those eyes will ever strive
To see that beauty can survive.

Copyright (C) 2011 TJ Radcliffe

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer