today’s doodle – what if – part 2…

Mount Crumpet Estates!

Following on from last week… what if the evil Cindy Lou is a successful developer who is working over the beautiful natural features of Who-ville for her own benefit?!  And who could that possibly be riding out to the sales office on a horned wannabeast?

This image is not exactly what I had in my mind – I still have to hone my skills to get there… one day!

Here’s a link to someone who has his skills already completely coordinated! Although it’s just getting started, it is interesting enough to keep one tuned while the story unfolds – check out reMIND! … and there’s a cat! (sort of)…

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

UPDATE: To be entertained by a Seuss inspired commentary… you won’t be disappointed if you check the second instalment of our little story in the comments!