Lady Belinda!

Lady B

Hi everyone! Sorry for the unscheduled break – my computer was broken down for a while. Hope you like this latest character study offering – I think of her as an Elizabethan Betty Boop type – no doubt with a very annoying giggle!

UPDATE: This in from Tom in the comments catching the character of our flighty ship board lady…

oh my goodness whatever will become
of little me–tee hee!–so lost among the scum
who ride the ocean billows swelling white
heaving swaying thrusting in the night

i thought that donald fagoe was my man
my steady ready manly sturdy man
but all he does is vomit over-side
across the ocean stream so endless-wide

perhaps the captain is a better catch
so tough and strong upon his windward patch
although he seems to think my luck is bad
just because my husband died so sad

well i’m sure i’ll land right on my feet
won’t my father think it just a treat
to see his wayward daughter home again
although so far from hearth and home and kin

until then i guess i just make do with what
my luck has brought me in its push-cart truck
although i think that donald is so sweet
when he’s not feeding fishes he’s a treat!

Copyright (C) TJ Radcliffe 2011-03-30

Image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer

Elizabethan dude…

looking at... something...

Just a random doodle today… not sure what he’s gazing at. Maybe just striking a pose?

UPDATE: A sonnet from Tom for the Elizabethan… contemplating more than what’s above.

This ivory pillar, holding high the dome
of intellect and reason so sublime,
might be parted yet, as we from Rome
are parted by our Queen’s great Right Divine.
Expose the neck and cast the eye to Heaven
where God is dwelling high with angels bright
while here below we wait for Seal Seven
to open up: release the dead to fight.
Wars and rumours slither through the land
unrest and plague make Armageddon known:
the time soon comes for Englishmen to stand
for or against the Queen upon Her throne.
How might it feel to have my neck exposed
to treason’s axe in revolution’s throes?

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer