what if – part 13…


Important! (especially if you’re Tom) Don’t read below until you’ve formed your own idea of the image.

OK here’s my theory… The birds of the island are suffering from some kind of environmental malady which causes them to lose the ability to fly. The Brogga-dan-oan are trying to help. They recognize that flying is a joyous thing for the birds so when they first see signs of the illness, they catch them and take them flying/walking. Otherwise, within a few days, the birds would fall – likely into the ocean – becoming food for fish. The Brogga-dan-oan are trying to figure out what is causing it and restore flight to the ones who have lost it… but this is just one option – we’ll see if Tom comes up with some completely different reason for the strange goings on a-shore a volcanic island…

and speaking of volcanoes (and apropos of a comment my cat typed the other day) check out “How to name a volcano“!

UPDATE: The new poetic instalment is now in the comments and is quite a different take on the plot than I had been thinking – I’m sure you’ll find it intriguing!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer