A Fishes’ Tao…

A Fishes' Tao
A Fishes’ Tao

Well, this is the next in the series of my …animandalas. The form is still inspired by mandalas but has evolved to the point where I felt it wanted its own name. 😉 This time images of fish were swimming around my brain and starting from the yin-yang fish at the centre, through the kelp forest out to the flying fish at the edge, so much fun to create!

a quadrant - closeup view
a quadrant – closeup view

By special request, a close-up to show the level of detail.

UPDATE: Poem from Tom! Thanks and yay!

deep within blue ocean’s silent whirl
pools of darkness tidal currents curl
soft black ribbons round unspoken fish
entwined in mind where emptiness meets wish
upon the twinkle in a minow’s eye
while through kelp the seried ranks swim by
and large above the flying fishes leap
undreaming through the air while fast asleep
aware of only surfaces and shiny
scales that sing the music of the world
across tsunami waves that guard the briny
deep within blue ocean’s silent swirl

poem (c) 2016 Tom Radcliffe

image (c) 2016 Hilary Farmer


what if – part 9…

too much traffic!

The little ship is a bit concerned about all the traffic out there. I’m not sure that the whalatuns are exactly as per the poetic description in Part 8 but that’s how they came out! As usual for this series, stay tuned for the poem to come in the comments from Tom Radcliffe.

For a change of pace, here’s a link to a particularly interesting piece of art, Blank Stare. The artist has a whole series of paintings of people looking at art. (Click “home” to get to her main page to see more.)

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 8…

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish?

I didn’t realize until I had finished, that I had almost recreated another famous Dr. Seuss moment! Technically, it’s a pink fish and there is one extra fish peaking in from the top corner but otherwise…

I actually had a personal adventure with a flying fish – while sailing in the South Pacific… I was on night watch and something hit me in the face!! You can perhaps see why I might picture them as threatening lol – in fact, they are quite charming and benign. Mine are more like flying pyranhas 😀  I hope the little ship and her passengers (if you’re following the story in the comments) get through this mini adventure without any bites.

OK yet another random Patches just because – well it is pretty amusing!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer