Summer dreaming

Summer dreaming (12″ x 16″ oil on raised panel)

I have been playing with more abstract (and abstract adjacent) painting this year. This one was built up over many layers ending up somewhere between impressionism and abstraction. At some point in the process, the moon appeared in the sky and stayed. The feeling was quite dreamy and more subtle than this photo shows but I can’t get another because it sold quickly.

Tom wrote a delightful sonnet with a rhythm of anapestic tetrameter (like Dr. Seuss) which really suits the mood of the painting.

The farmer’s abed and the Moon is reborn
so we’ll dance and we’ll sing from the eve until morn
when we’ll lie down exhausted and sleep through the day.
In the shadows of grasses and flowers we will lay
until the soft darkness ensilvered by stars
creeps out of the gloaming and brings us awake
to drink from the dew by the light of bright Mars
and sip the sweet nectar of flowers ’til we slake
our thirst and our hunger. Our bodies adorned
with trews made of petals, so silken and gay
we’ll jig to a hornpipe like England’s old tars
who served that old pirate, Sir Francis the Drake.
For we are the Fairest of Folk in this land
obeying no law but the bright Moon’s command.

image (c) 2020 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2020 TJ Radcliffe

impressionistic doodle…

water and flowers...

A very loose and quick doodle today. I was thinking of using a Monet for a starting point as I did for Remembrance Day but in the end I just started doodling randomly and this is the result. Water and flowers… always pretty!

UPDATE: New poem from Tom – lovely, evocative…

The morning mist upon the pond
draws my eye from here, beyond
the croaking frogs whose call inspires
their distant cousins to respond.

Across the field of dewy flowers
there in some wooded secret bower
awaits a question in the dark
calling me with silent power.

A mourning dove is cooing soft
a duck in panic bursts aloft
to startle me from reverie
my path now turning toward the croft.

The pond is still in golden light
but I have years still left to fight
and ancient wrongs to yet make right
and ancient wrongs to yet make right.

With apologies to Robert Frost! :-D

(c) Tom Radcliffe 2011

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer