Damselfly (4″ x 4″ oil on raised panel)

A new mini. A damselfly perched on a yellow waterlily also called “spadderdock” and a lot of other names. These flowers are not as classically lovely as the white waterlilies that I also grew up with, but there’s something fascinating about these intensely yellow blooms. I also enjoyed a relatively simple colour palette for a change!

(C) 2022 Hilary Farmer

Lingering Monarch

Lingering Monarch (4″ x 4″ oil on raised panel)

Continuing with the theme of small creatures for these mini paintings with a monarch butterfly. I feel quite sad and nostalgic for these beauties. When I was a kid, they were all around but I hardly see them anymore. I have read this year that monarchs may be making a bit of a comeback though – so yay!

image (C) 2021 Hilary Farmer