Dear Deer Mouse

Dear Deer Mouse (4″ x 4″ oil on raised panel)

Another example of the smaller wildlife around. I have been trying to paint creatures that can be shown about life-size in this format. There always seem to be more possibilities.

Don’t forget if you’re viewing this on your computer that the painting is likely smaller that what you’re seeing. Just 4″ x 4″!

image (C) 2021 Hilary Farmer


Mouse-eyed view

Mouse-eyed view (oil on 8″ diameter raised birch panel)

My first round painting! So much fun to try this. I kind of love it. 🙂 Hard to photograph though because of seeing the background so I blacked it out digitally.

I adore Tom’s playful poem for this! It made me see my own painting in a new way. 😀

A mouse-eyed view from way down here:
it sees the world all round
and sneaks along without a fear
upon the secret ground.

A blade of grass is ever-tall
to creatures of the Earth.
The trees and stars both rise and fall
above a mousie’s birth.

“For I was born,” might say a mouse,
“with Maple crossing Mars
and Douglas Fir in Retrograde…
the fault’s not in my stars

but in the trees that chart a course
across the stars so chill.
For as they turn so does the world…
and yet, I have my will.

Although I cannot move the trees
I’ll bend my life’s own course
and chew down grasses to the lees
and dance without remorse

beneath the high and distant sky
where silent stars all drift
above still trees where soft winds sigh…
my life is Fortune’s gift!”

image (c) 2019 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2019 TJ Radcliffe

Mouse-ville mandala

Mouse-ville (9″x 9″ ink and watercolour)

This mandala started with mouse-like shapes around the centre and evolved from there. I had fun with the houses which are similar but all different. I hope you enjoy looking at all the little details – I know I enjoyed drawing them!

Tom’s poem is playful and whimsical like the mandala!

We are the mice of Plimsoll Close
and we will keep you on your toes
rustling through your drawers at night
searching for a crumb that might
satisfy our search for tastes
that delight our palates. Haste
is not our way, we’re patient mice
who will pass up a grain of rice
in hope sincere that we will find
a candied walnut, orange rind,
or some such savory delight
before the end of this fine night.

image (c) 2018 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2018 TJ Radcliffe

Issa’s cat dreams… part 3

I think I need another nap!
I think I need another nap!

This Issa’s cat image was inspired by a photo I found on the web. I’ve seen it on more than one post but here’s a site which has some other fun photos to check out – Abnormal Photography. (To see more recent uploads click “home” at the bottom of the page.)

Don’t forget to check out Le 12 tomorrow for the full Issa’s Cat Dreams sequence en français! It is now up – see link!

Image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer