Wang Wei’s winter plum blossom

Winter plum blossom 1
Winter plum blossom 1

A friend who is studying Chinese literature suggested this favourite  by Wang Wei as the starting point for me to draw an image. Here it is with the translation he sent with it below.


You, who came from my hometown,
can surely tell me hometown news.
The day you left, before the silk-curtained window,
Had the plum opened a winter blossom?

At first, I thought that perhaps a scene representing a last cup of tea with a friend before setting out on the travels would give some feeling of nostalgia for those left behind.Then I decided to try another perhaps more poignant view which could represent the sadness of the one left behind and lost love.Here are both. I would love to know which you prefer!

Images (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

Winter plum blossom 2
Winter plum blossom 2