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spring is cherry blossoms …oil painting

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spring is cherry blossoms!

A small painting before Easter weekend to celebrate this long, slow Vancouver spring. It may be cooler than usual but that sure makes all the blossoms last!

This is just 6″x6″. The size is fun for quick studies and experiments – very freeing! This painting is based on a friend’s photo that she graciously let me use as inspiration. Thanks Claire!

Tom wrote a quirky haiku to go with these Taiwanese cherry blossoms. 🙂

foreshortened phloem
flower’s fragrant fabric
fine filigreed fire

painting (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 Tom Radcliffe

painting sketch/sky study – Ontario dawn…

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oil sketch - Ontario dawn

oil sketch – Ontario dawn

I did this quick sketch (about an hour) this morning to study the sky for the voyage. Photographing an oil painting while wet means that there is glare and the colours aren’t quite true. I may come back to this one later and make a more finished painting or else use it as a base for experimentation…

(cc) 2013 Hilary Farmer

UPDATE: New poem from Tom for this painting!

dawn comes in silence, slipping past the night
with stealthy steps it moves across the land
setting candles in the clouds alight
awakening the the trees that stay and stand
where glaciers once scraped a path of stone
across the empty landscape of the north
though so many left their weathered bones
from emptiness the dawn can still bring forth
the richness of a cold autumnal day
as shadows steal behind the rocks and hide
waiting for the winter come to play
patiently they lurk where night abides
neither light nor shadow wins the game
but darkness dances with the dawn’s bright flame

(c) 2013 TJ Radcliffe