oil painting – still life 2…

jug, book and wine glass

My second ever oil painting. As with the previous post, this painting was created during a class taken under the instruction of Charles Vinh. This still life set up was more challenging than the first one since there were a greater variety of textures and materials to represent. The transparency of the wine glass was an especially interesting thing to attempt – but not as successful as I had hoped. More confidence with the medium should give a smoother line to the brush strokes in time. The potential within oils to great a softness and luminosity, difficult to achieve with acrylics, is still what is most exciting in my experimentation with this traditional medium.
This week, I start an additional short course in acrylics – one that should teach some of the unique qualities of that medium  rather than trying to force it into the mould of oils. It will be a very busy few weeks while the two courses overlap and work gears up for a looming deadline.

image (cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer

the flamenco dancer…


I did this painting recently during a figure painting class. Mostly we worked with nudes but this pose was with a costumed flamenco dancer. Here’s a link to a painting by the teacher, Charles Vinh, which was up in the gallery when we were taking the class… It was good to get instruction on painting on canvas – mostly I’ve worked on paper before… or on the computer, of course!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer