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seashore mandala – 6

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seashore mandala – 6

Another extremely curious range of forms evolving from the organic vegetation at the centre to the architectural motifs around the perimeter. Once again, it was an adventure not knowing where it would end up …a kind of visual arts improv but not doing it for an audience. Ooooh – that’s a really scary idea! Now I think I’ll have to somehow try it as performance art!

Tom was once again inspired to write a poem for this mandala matching it in strangeness! 🙂

Fishes struggle toward the centre
as lotus blossoms embrocate
sunny parquetry, pilasters
raise a fist against cold fate
while the central segmentation
bubbles outward, roiling heap
of stems entangle soft sensation
lulling fishes down to sleep
as above observers yearn
to solve the sensuous divide
that keeps them from where fishes churn
receding now upon the tide.
Clean and unadulterated
lines of art with curves are sated.

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 TJ Radcliffe


seashore mandala – 4

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“The last council of Atlantis”

As this next in the seashore mandala series evolved, the title came into my mind. It seemed that the elders and others were pondering their future as the waters were rising around them. I did give this title to Tom before he wrote the poem – but we were already on the same wave-length!

The seas are rising: where the flowers grow
there soon enough will be just ocean waves
covering this land of oak and willow
washing out to sea all we have saved
from elder times, the planets of our race
long swallowed up by swelling stars grown old.
On Earth we lived for countless years displaced
from hearth and home, yet safe within the folds
of green-cloaked hills along this ocean ridge
far from merely human habitation,
our island nation could have been a bridge
between the continents in slow rotation.
Our future lies beneath the storm-tossed sea
Perhaps we will adapt, and swim… be free.

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 TJ Radcliffe

seashore mandala – 3

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seashore mandala – 3

The curious forms that arise from the unedited pen! Here is the next in the seashore mandala series along with Tom’s poem written just for it. He has a way of finding a profound truth and expressing in words what the image just hints at!

these are the waves and openings: desire
expressing truth that dare not speak its name
reaching out with circumferential fire
rockets rising twist with passion’s flame
within the dark each world a rooted tree
holding all potential for the Earth
ranging over possibilities
from want to where there is a lack of dearth
deeper still the nugget at the core
surrounded by a flower’s eternal flame
ever growing, ever wanting more
ever changing, never quite the same
the changeless sea’s eternal moving waves
echoes silence from the ocean caves

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 TJ Radcliffe

mandala calendars available!

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2018 mandala calendar cover

So excited to see these in print! Every month has a full colour mandala image printed on heavy gloss paper along with the poem by TJ Radcliffe that goes with it. I do not usually sell anything through my blog but my website is not yet set up properly and 2018 is coming! So if you are interested, leave me a message in the comments and we can continue with information via email. The price is $30(CAN) including shipping within Canada but would be more internationally depending on the country.

A few sample months:


2018 mandala calendar – January


2018 mandala calendar – August


2018 mandala calendar – October

seashore mandala – 2

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seashore mandala – 2

Here is the second in my meditative seashore mandala series. I find this one both playful and lyrical. Allowing myself to create without editing or judging is a powerful exercise! Carrying that approach into oil painting will be the next challenge.

Here is Tom’s accompanying poem. 😀

there’s something faintly fishy in the faces
formally interrogating files
they filters out anemones, displaces
something central to the art of smiles
glaring with intensity is one
side of things but when turned upside-down
seems a lot more quizzical and rum
wondering how tentacles can frown
is this crown a tongue that speaks in riddles
tangled in the eyelashes that flower
over Rome while Nero plays the fiddles
the reveling insouciance of power
somewhere secrets curve the time of space
into flowers showing love’s true face

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 TJ Radcliffe

seashore mandala -1

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seashore mandala -1

The end of September and early October were too busy to post. I was packing and moving and then unpacking – within the same city but still, it takes a lot of time and energy!

I did find, however, that I couldn’t quite not do any art at all. In the evenings, I would sit down and get out my new fountain pen and heavy stock watercolour paper and draw spontaneous mandalas. The last several mandalas I had been drawing were needing a fair amount of pre-planning – especially the ones with Celtic knots involved. If decisions weren’t made ahead of time, I could get tied up in – well – knots! So anyway, this seashore mandala series is a return to a purely meditative way of drawing mandalas – just letting each line lead from the previous one.

There may be no water-coloured version since the ink in my fountain pen is not fully water-proof and that would result at best in loss of detail and at worst in just a mess! I’m quite a bit late for “inktober” but I will be posting mostly ink drawings for the rest of the month if not every day.

Here is Tom’s poem for this one – thanks Tom!

Seaside Soliloquy

Seeking suckers sliding sinuous
Separating sections slipping sly
Slow seductive soft somatic stimulus
Segregating sedges strolling shy

Strong surrounding symbols separate
Stirring central systems showing style
Salaciously soliciting somnambulates
Studiously steadfast sinning smile

Seas surround submerging Sirens
Sunset softly sinks salt’s subtle silence

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 TJ Radcliffe

flowering Klein bottle…

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Flowering Klein bottle

Although I’ve know about the concept of a Möbius strip for a long time, I only recently heard of the 3D version of that – the Klein bottle. The idea of bumble bees in a continuous loop of pollen laden bliss as they go in and out, ’round and ’round a transparent flower came into my head almost right away. (However it appears, it was not my intention that the bees be stuck inside but stay because they are charmed!)

Here is Tom’s playful poem to go along with this curious, and more than slightly nerdy, watercolour.

Eine kleine Nachtblume

What flower is this that traps the bees within
without a true embeddable dimension
that separates the genus from the kin
questioning Euclidean extensions?
A blossom blooming from its stellar stem
luring in the unsuspecting bugs
to loop around the warp and weft and then
wonder whether god might be on drugs.
A universe enclosed, unoriented
embeddable imperfectly at best
while merely human minds are oft prevented
from reaching any stable point or rest
while contemplating flowers from other realms
geometries that strive to overwhelm.

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 TJ Radcliffe