raccoon in ink – 2

eyes wide

Today’s raccoon is a young’un with no worries …adventuring without a care!

Tom’s poem for him wonderfully captures that mood.

Some days a little beast must wander
here and there and over yonder
wide-eyes watching everything
wondering what time will bring.
All the world is new and bright
glowing in the morning light
dripping dew and rising mist
Earth by Sun is gently kissed
as I go off exploring wide
down the beach where ebbing tide
reveals a world that’s strange a new
and full of tasty things to do!

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 TJ Radcliffe

raccoon in ink – 1


I have been having a lot of fun with my ink drawings of crows so I thought I’d try some other animals. This raccoon seems to be concerned about something. Just what is he looking at?

Tom took a look at this and saw that while this guy might hesitate a moment, he’s going to be headed into raccoon mischief any moment!

I know it’s not a good idea
but it’s not easy to resist…
I lack the wisdom of Sophia,
can’t let a random chance be missed
to open up a door that’s closed
to grab a thorny climbing rose
to never leave a gap un-nosed
to use my fingers and my toes
in mischief mild and hijnks low
for life’s too short to be a bore:
adventure lies behind that door,
and if it don’t, at least I’ll know!
But I will pause to contemplate…
Then happy chaos I’ll create!

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 TJ Radcliffe


raccoon day…

mmm...but that looks even more delicious...

I seem to be continuing my current theme of animals and water… Raccoons are a species notorious for being clever with their “hands”. At our family cottage we used to keep the garbage in a bin… then we changed to a barrel with a tightly screwed on lid… then we added two concrete blocks on top. Each time, the raccoons figured out how to get access to our yummy-to-them left-overs. I’ve pictured the one above in a more pristine setting getting ready to wash and eat some watery delicacy.

UPDATE: This in from TR in the comments… If you want to hear more about his own raccoon adventures, read about it in the comments!

It isn’t easy keeping track
of all the splendid places
where a coon might find a snack
or berries hung in braces

from long vines near water’s edge
where washing on the rocks
can be performed while near the hedge
that hides you from the flocks

of humans who come gawking close
all clumsy and profane
to stick their long and ugly nose
into the coon’s domain

of water, stone and bushes deep
the secret forest places
where a cuddly coon might sleep
safe from human traces.

poem (c) Tom Radcliffe 2010

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer