Self-portrait (12″x12″ oil on gessoed panel)

Well, it was time to try a self-portrait. There is a likeness and I had fun painting it so as an experiment, I am happy. Maybe I didn’t need to use every colour though – the background is extremely exuberant! 😀

Tom’s poem – written as usual on seeing the painting – surpassed it, turning out more beautiful than the painting. This is another poem that makes me want to follow up with a new painting!

A face to wake to in the morning
rising with the brimming dawn
where adventures are aborning
anywhere that light has shone.
Wryly watching all the beauty,
never shirking artist’s duty,
capturing the world’s strange ways
of being through the summer days.
She paints the beauty of the night,
nor to gaudy day denies
the magic of her loving eyes:
all the world, so clear and bright.
Those eyes that see me in the day
And in the night while firelight plays.

image (c) 2019 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2019 TJ Radcliffe


a little bit about me…

attempted self-portrait
attempted self-portrait

Well, I suppose that not everyone visiting this site will already know me – at least eventually! So with that in mind, here’s the precis: I was born… just kidding. Most important – I find myself with more spare time than usual just at the moment and so have started this blog up. I think that may not be unique given the current economic climate. At any rate, the point is to make something good out of something bad whenever possible! Also, a kitten has fallen asleep on my lap and so I have to stay here until she wakes up – could make for one long post! Maybe I will post some kitten pictures at a later date. If you need a fix of cuteness in the meantime, don’t miss out on – it’s ridiculous!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer