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English Bay …oil painting

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English Bay

We were walking along the shore in Kitsilano a week or so ago and were treated to a spectacular sky with the sun starting to set and gaps in the clouds allowing light to stream through. I didn’t take a picture at that time but the image stuck in my head so that when I went back more recently I took some photos with the idea of combining photos and memory into a painting. As a result this small (6″x6″) painting is a somewhat imaginary landscape which is English Bay but not from an exact viewpoint. I plan to return to this – there are so many ways it could be painted!

Tom wrote a lovely poem for this painting which catches the mood and essence of the piece in just a few words.

Sky of promise
Touching quiet sea
Held within the ragged arms of land
Blazing moments
Reaching out to me
Falling from the air into my hand

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 Tom Radcliffe


the light of Provence …oil painting

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the light of Provence

The focus here was to achieve the feeling of a sunlit day in Provence – the dance of the dappled light and the happy flowers below the window.

Tom’s sonnet for this painting imagines being behind that window. Lovely!

Light among the shadows hiding darkness
behind the glass transparent where the room
is cool with dappled dimness as the summer
day ascends and banishes the gloom
from secret places dark within the house
dust motes dance across the beams so bright
roses tap against the window panes
holding up a handful more of light
inviting out the occupants to day:
“Come into the warmth of welcome summer!”
call the flowers now in happy song
marching to the season’s swaying drummer.
Day is dancing, dappling the walls:
Melancholy melts and sadness falls.

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 Tom Radcliffe

today’s doodle… girl and shadow

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watery shadow

watery shadow

A glimpse of someone sitting in the sun with subtle shadows moving across her face inspired  this doodle. This is not a portrait but an attempt to capture a feeling.

UPDATE: New poem from Tom! very ssssexy – thanks!

Sultry sadness, sliding slowly
Sunlit shadows, softer sighs
Sombre sexy siren sizzles
Seducing sober singles, shy.

image (cc) 2013 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2013 Tom Radcliffe

why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 1

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one day ten suns rose in the sky

one day ten suns rose in the sky

Once, for reasons which are not adequately explained in the histories, ten suns rose in the sky instead of the usual one. As you might expect, this caused considerable suffering. The earth became parched and the crops were quickly burnt up. Because of their great suffering, the people promised to give anything he wished to the one who could solve this terrible problem.

I am trying something a bit different – this is the beginning of a story especially for the autumn season. It is traditionally associated with the mid autumn festival in China. The festival is coming up on October 3rd this year. I am retelling the story very freely from a variety of sources and some personal input – there will be about 10 segments – I hope you enjoy it!

image and text variant (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


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sometimes things don't quite work out the way we thought!

sometimes things don't quite work out the way we thought!

As some who follow my blog have noted, I haven’t been posting quite as often as before. There’s a logical explanation for this – aside from the obvious one that now I’m “gainfully” employed again, there isn’t as much time for other more fun activites… It’s summer! And in the Canadian summertime, it’s good to spend as much time outside as possible enjoying the sun and short-lived warmth! Yes, I know I grew up here and should be used to it but after living a couple of years in Taiwan, I still haven’t become re-accustomed to the short and often not particularly warm summers here! All that to say that I am spending more time outdoors doing things like tai chi these days…

Another solution would have been to take the laptop to the park. Back a couple of months ago when I did this little drawing, I was thinking wouldn’t that be lovely… and it would – if I had a different laptop I guess! This one is practically useless outdoors. It is impossible to see anything on the screen except the reflected surroundings even when sitting in the shade. I like everything else about this HP tablet PC though so I’m still happy with it.

So, with all the other interests and pursuits I have, I will likely be posting at most twice a week for the rest of the summer. As the days get shorter, I will pick up the pace again. Thanks for dropping by!