Shy Swallowtail

Shy Swallowtail (4″x 4″ oil on raised panel)

This mini was based on a photo I took visiting my parent’s home last summer. The flowers were blooming and everything was alive with pollinators of all kinds. I kind of felt that this butterfly was looking a bit askance at me but I decided it was just shy. 🙂

(C) 2022 Hilary Farmer


Swallowtail Basking

Swallowtail Basking (4″ x 4″ oil on raised panel)

Swallowtail butterflies were less commonly seen when I was young at least where I grew up. So the sight was more treasured for being rare when they gently floated over the flowers in my mother’s perennial border. These days they are a more common sight where I live than monarchs, but I still love to see them grace a flower as they pause to rest.

image (C) 2021 Hilary Farmer