Tropical abstract 2

Tropical abstract 2 (6″ x 6″)

Following on from the previous abstract, although done on another hot day in the studio, this one is cooler and more water-y …and possibly full of scales or little fishes. I felt it definitely had a tropical vibe too.

Tom has seen different things and has brought both his scientific mind and poetic magic to this piece!

Tadpoles over river-stones
rushing forward up the stream
toward a place that’s all unknown
to the likes of you or me
where tails will shrink until they go
and legs will sprout and then they’ll grow
and gills are lost to gasping lungs
as tadpoles climb up Darwin’s rungs
’til at the top they’ll find a pad
to rest in dappled summer sun
while knowing that the race they’ve run
was worth the effort, hard and mad
to reach a place of rest and peace
and all are equal, most to least.

image (c) 2018 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2018 TJ Radcliffe


little fishies

Another random doodle… I was trying something a bit different technically and although that aspect was not a great success, I think the drawing is still cute in the end.

I was thinking about doing something themed for Canada Day or even the 4th of July – Bonne Fête to our neighbours! but in the end tropical fish lol

Someone sent me this link a couple of days ago (in time for Canada Day) and if you are in the mood for an amusing pro-Canada tune, check it out!

UPDATE: Another fun and also touching poem from Tom in the comments! (c) Tom Radcliffe 2010

Although not all that glister’s gold
sometimes a diver, brave and bold,
who plunges after pirate treasure
finds a gem that’s without measure:
little fishes, living jewels,
scales of gold that isn’t fool’s
adorning innocents that roam
amongst some old Phoenician bones
that lie beneath the sleeping sands
where corals grow and leafy strands
of seaweed wave; anemones
add their voices to the sea’s
great silent susurration, slow
and gentle, down below
where little fishes dart and glide
living life on stranger tides.

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer