sad face…

very sad!

Practicing drawing various facial expressions seems to be paying off. I am quite pleased with how this drawing for Albion turned out. She does indeed look like she is distressed and crying – just what the scene in question calls for. Poor girl.

UPDATE: Poem from Tom in the comments capturing in words what I tried to show in my illustration…

fractured fragments of a life fall hard
cold rain upon a bitter stormy sea
pouring forth the pain of broken shards
splinters of a soul by death set free
melting childhood verities secure
questions never answered but by tears
desperate moments seeking to assure
sorrow overwhelming hollow fears
face distorted anguish speaks in sobs
the inarticulation of her loss
marches down her visage as it robs
reason cast aside in tempest tossed
incoherent sadness sweeps her past
though everything still matters nothing lasts

Copyright (C) 2012 TJ Radcliffe

image (cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer

Lady Belinda…

take that!

Recently my computer drawings have all been for Albion, so here’s another sneak peak. Lady Belinda is ready for “war” apparently! Of course she has a new dress, hairdo and battle-parasol for the occasion!

UPDATE: New poem from Tom! She sounds as tough as she looks… (or maybe it’s all in her head 😉

Like Boudicca of old I’m fighting
for English pride and English soil!
With my parasol a-smiting
see me join in war-like toil!
My battle-dress in bloody hues
will spread to all the dreadful news
of my arrival on the field!
The enemy shall surely yield
when they see my fierce visage
topped by locks in horned array
like a battle-helm in ways
dispelling all my soft mirage:
revealing all my inner fire
promising a fight that’s dire!

Copyright (C) 2012 TJ Radcliffe

image (cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer

cartoon girl…

HJF 20081122 cartoon girl
cartoon girl

Hey! Here’s a little infill… this sketch is from about a year ago – the style is pretty different from what I’ve been doing lately!

I decided not to post another Rabbit on the Moon until I have put the next page up on le 12 – which this month will actually be on the 15th instead of the 12th… so more rabbits next week!

Here’s another good web comic I’ve started enjoying – Red Moon Rising – I’m really not sure where the story is going – although it’s engaging – but at this point, it’s really the art that is exceptional. You can see the exploration of the medium with various results – all beautiful… I think – anyway, check it out!

image (cc) 2008 Hilary Farmer

Issa’s cat – my fish!

my fish!
my fish!

Mutual interests
are the foundation of love
but this is my fish!

Following on with the Issa’s cat story, a new haiku from Tom Radcliffe inspired the above comic. Perhaps though, there’s a little regret in that backwards glance – or maybe just confirming a good decision. I think she was only into him for his fish anyway!

This is number three in the Issa’s Cat series. To see them all, click the Issa’s Cat comic category on the side.

Now on Le 12 as “Mon Poisson!”

Image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

another character study…

what could he possibly be thinking about?
what could he possibly be thinking about?

I am still thinking about the webcomic and the characters that need to be developed for it. Here is another glimpse.

For a look at how it’s really done, check out this link to one of my favourites as his cute and fuzzy cast takes another visit to the theatre – always good for a laugh!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

a first webcomic attempt…

Meant for each other
Meant for each other

This is a bit of an experiment. The concept and text are Max’s (Maxime Dallaire) and I did the drawings to try to bring the “slice of life” well, to life – lol. It’s the first time I’ve done something with several panels and worked with the text. I think I learned a lot from doing it! I’ve already been thinking about what I would do differently next time. The main thing is not starting something you’ve never tried before two days before the deadline! It was prepared for the blog “le 12” which posts comics from both new and established comics on the 12th of each month. So check them out – and enjoy some humour in the other official language!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

more favourite webcomics…

It has been a while since I shared favourite webcomics. Here’s the link to my first set of favourites.  There are lots of comics out there – so there are sure to be some which especially speak to you – so check them out once in a while and see what’s new! The only downside is the time you will spend chuckling at your computer. Here’s a link to one of many sources for popular webcomics.

Since my previous webcomic post, I have discovered a new favourite – a softer world. It is pretty idiosyncratic and can occasionally jar but other times (or sometimes at the same time) it is just hilarious. The format is strange to start with – just photographs with some text superimposed which either makes some twisted sense of the images or gives a strangely tortured and humourous juxtaposition. You definitely need to have a particular way of looking at things to enjoy this one. Don’t forget to check the hover text to get the last laugh – or, ohhh…weird!

Gunnerkrigg Court is a curious and sweet little comic. It is not especially funny but quite interesting. The setting is a strange school… I’m still not quite sure what the students study there… some form of strange magics and sciences. Mostly, it’s a voyage of discovery following the main character as she learns more about the school and her own past.

I’ve been thinking about trying to create a webcomic myself – it will definitely take a while to get it together so in the meantime, here is a possible scene.

at the park
at the park

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

some favourite webcomics

Over the past couple of years, I admit to having gotten rather hooked on certain web comics.- it’s a kind of guilty pleasure. Granted there’s lots of – for lack of a better word –  schlock out there. However, there are some gems which are witty engaging and visually interesting. Sometimes all three. I wanted to share a few favourites. Most of these appear to be doing quite well but who still can’t use another boost – to both ego and exposure?

XKCD – this does not fall into the visually incredible category (although I don’t think I’ve ever seen stick figures as evocative as in this web comics) The humour is geeky and there are certainly jokes which go over my head from time to time. A friend with a PhD in physics says those jokes are hilarious too. Anyway, check it out – you may be surprised what stick figures can get up to.

Questionable Content – the story can be surprising and tickles my funny bone. The creator has come a long way in terms of drawing and style if you look at the early strips… Anyway, I have had the good fortune to watch a simultaneous update where he demonstrated creating the comic from start to finish. Incredibly, the whole thing barely took more than an hour. He really has his skills down! There is some questionable content though so some people may not appreciate the humour!

Crimson Dark: This is a completely different style both in content and drawing. The drawings really suit the story being told which is a pure sci fi offering something along the line of Firefly for those disappointed by the cruelly short life span of that series. His updates are a bit slow but it’s no wonder since everything appears to be computer modeled.

The Abominable: This is a totally charming strip using only animals to tell the story. Here the Abominable (snowman) is a kind of idiot savant who follows his dreams but is not understood by the other animals who go on with their silly-funny, all too human lives. These are some of the most expressive faces on the web today – notwithstanding that they are animals!!

Here’s my current contribution to the genre – as you can see the issue of coming up with a good story could be an obstacle!

the character tries to work out her own dialogue
the character tries to work out her own dialogue

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer