Garden vibe

Garden vibe (8″ x 8″ acrylic on raised wood panel)

These current times have me experimenting more with my art for some reason. Anyway, this is painted in acrylic which I haven’t done much with for a few years. It felt more playful and less “pressure-y” which was what I needed! And it turned out to be playful too – no surprises there! Acrylic dries so fast that if you decide a colour or shape isn’t working, you can paint over it almost right away. So different from both oils and watercolour.

Tom found inspiration for a very dynamic poem here! He adds some background information in case you’re wondering – like I did – what the heck that word means:
Thylakoids–which sound like they should be some kind of creature on
Edgar Rice Borough’s “Barsoom” (Mars)–are the structure within
chloroplasts where the light-dependent reactions that almost all life on
Earth ultimately depends on take place.

Storms of summer, raging light
crashing down as photic waves
sweep the beaches of the night
and shift dark beasts within their caves:
the sleeping thylakoids are roused
by the light in which they’re doused.
They ride the surges, open wide,
absorb the roaring solar tide
and feel some energy within
as bonds are broken and remade
within this bright and sunny glade,
a garden without sin
where simple surfaces abound
but deep beneath the truth is found.

image (c) 2020 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2020 TJ Radcliffe



today’s doodle – Black-eyed Susans…

black-eyed susans…

A new doodle was a bit overdue and some cheerful yellow flowers seemed in order. I drew these black-eyed susans from memory. I often use photographs to help me to make at least a somewhat realistic basis for a drawing even if it ends up more impressionistic. This time I went ahead without any real image – just that in my head. I wanted to create a feeling of the coming autumn with these yellow flowers. Hope you enjoy!

UPDATE: Just in, a rather lengthy ballad from Tom in the comments… here’s the first verse to get a taste.

We always called her Black-Eyed Sue
’cause she was a feisty gal
who’d black your eye for look that’s wry
or a hand laid on her pal:

image (cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer