yin yang fish…

yin yang fish

Aren’t they the cutest yin yang fish ever?! There is a significant tradition of using fish shapes to represent the yin yang symbol. Mine is a cute cartoon style version – so happy and cuddly!
I was just doodling and this is what happened – hope you enjoy 🙂

UPDATE: Cute and cuddly poem to match these fish – thanks Tom!!

When two fishies fall in love
they sometimes snuggle up
fin to fin and head to tail
like wine within a cup:

each touching all, conforming close
to contour and to form
smiling all the while: they know
they’ll never be forlorn!

In complementary shapes they make
a perfect pair ideal
their yin and yang in balanced smiles
revealing how they feel.

Copyright (C) 2012 TJ Radcliffe

image (cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer

lingering duality…reharmonizing the universes…

lingering duality
reharmonizing the universes

Well, if you haven’t been following the comments for the last few posts, these images will seem very strange! I’m trying to imagine a visual conclusion to the story that came about as a response to the doodles I was posting… so it has become a back and forth dynamic and lots of fun! I actually did the second image first but then thought of the second idea as I was heading out the door to work this morning. So here they both are. I am not sure if they are alternate endings or part of the same ending. I guess we’ll see soon when (we hope) Tom Radcliffe takes a little more time out of his busy life to write the (I’m sure) surprising conclusion to our otherworldly, yet Montreal-based, adventure! To read the whole thing start here reading the comments.

images (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer