About Creative Commons (cc)

In short: You are free to share or to remix the images I am posting on this blog, as long as it’s for non-commercial purposes, and you attribute the work to me, Hilary Farmer (and/or provide a link back to this blog).

I decided that it would be a good idea to switch over from the traditional notion of copyright to the internet age concept of Creative Commons. It allows varying degrees of ownership and control of the creative product instead of a single – hands off my stuff unless you pay for it – approach. Click on icon for the link to the level of ownership I am currently claiming to my work. FYI –  the (cc) icon represents Creative Commons.



2 Responses to “About Creative Commons (cc)”

  1. Hilary, Congrats on a magnificent site. A few years ago I wrote an article, The Enlightenment of Tea. I am revising it and would like to possibly use your image of the cranes from 4/2009. We would credit the image to Hilary Farmer, Green Tea Doodles, April 2009. Please reply.

    • Thank you, Howard. Your Chinese brush site is lovely too! Yes, as long as the piece is credited, that is fine. (A link back to my site would be ideal.) Cheers!

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