About Green Tea Doodles

City of Sadness - Jiu Fen
City of Sadness – Jiu Fen

Green Tea Doodles has been created to allow me an opportunity to share my thoughts, sketches and other with my friends and whoever else might stop by. For the record, my background is architecture and art has been a persistant interest. An additional layer is my interest in things Chinese. Over the years, I have studied Chinese martial arts – tai chi, xin yi, ba gua, and others. I traveled in China and studied Chinese language in Taiwan for two years.While I was there in Taiwan, and actually looking for an instructor in Chinese brush, I met my gu zheng teacher. You never know what’s going to happen! So I have also studied Chinese traditional music. It meshes better than you might think with Celtic harp – which I have played off and on for some time.

This is all to say that there may be quite a range of topics happening here.

While most of the images on the site are created on the computer, the one above is acrylic on watercolour paper painted after I spent time in Taiwan. The town, Jiufen, is both touristy and touchingly nostalgic.

Please note that all the art work on this site is the property of the artist and held by creative commons license  by Hilary Farmer 2008-2015. Please click on the Creative Commons icon for the link for the level of rights to use. Thanks.


The blog has evolved since the above was written to be mostly a forum for my artistic explorations in oil, and ink & watercolour. In the meantime I have also moved from Montreal to the West Coast of Canada with new inspirations both in the outer world and my inner life.

Images created from 2016-2018 and ongoing are (c) – copyright – Hilary Farmer.

23 thoughts on “About Green Tea Doodles

  1. Bagus sekali Hilary! C’est formidable, fantastique! Interesting that you’re trying PC generated art…. and not on a Mac… Sorry to hear about the tough economic times. The important thing is to keep your perspective… (that was an art joke!)

    1. Thanks rob! Mac doesn’t make a tablet PC yet – why? who knows!
      Working on the perspective everyday (pun intended lol)

  2. Hilary, the City of Sadness above looks familiar to me: Did you paint this scene in acrylic a few years ago?
    I love the version above, I really don’t know how you do it.

  3. You’re absolutely right – this is the acrylic painting on watercolour paper I did a couple of years ago. If you look under a post called “About the art…” you’ll see that I mention that the only piece posted to date not done on the computer is this one. I should likely mention that here too though! It would be an interesting challenge to try something like that as a computer painting though… hmmm

  4. Thank you for your visit on my page.
    THank you for the different version of translation too. Interesting.

  5. You’re welcome! It’s nice to see the Chinese poetry and Rumi and lovely photos on your blog.
    I’m not sure if you saw it but I did an illustration for “the Seventh Cup”. You can find it easily if you check out my Chinese poetry archive.

  6. This is fabulous! Just what a Canadian homesick for China needs. Where and when can we buy the complete “Why there’s a rabbit in the moon” story?

  7. Hello,

    Your “doodles” are excellent, and I like your artwork, too. However, it`s your talents as an illustrator that interest me (as an editor) most at the moment. I would very much appreciate it if you e-mailed back privately so that we can discuss a possible project.

  8. Hi, I stumbled on your collection trying to recall this one haiku by Issa. Little luck with that, but I loved your whole haiku series doodles. Wish you did more of these. The ones with cats are especially delightful!

    Greetings from India 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! I enjoyed doing the haiku series too – the haiku format inspires a similar approach to drawing… something that somehow touches a moment. At least that’s what I try to do!
      I spent some time in India a few years ago and have very strong memories – it is a fascinating country. Thank you for getting in touch. 🙂

  9. Hello Hilary. I’m having a wonderful time exploring you marvelous creations. That’s all, I just wanted to say hello.

  10. Hillary
    i love the vibrancy of your work, mesmerized by the colors you choose. A huge fan of your animal pieces as well. Aside from showcasing my own art on my blog a prolific potpourri I am the arts editor at The Finest Example.home.blog. I was wondering if you’d be interested in showcasing at our arts collective.
    Matt Snyder

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