what if – part 6…

in the land of the forest critters...

The handsome stranger is telling a story about his sojourn in another curious land.

I’ve done my part. Now I can just sit back and wait for Tom’s poetry to see what happens next! Stay tuned… or rather, visit again soon!

For your pleasure, another cute moment from Patches.

UPDATE: check the comments for the latest poem!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


6 thoughts on “what if – part 6…

  1. “You mean where you met my Great-Uncle the Grinch?”
    Cindy-Lou asked him, and he nodded, “The Slinch
    are rotund and bright green with high twirly hair
    and are known to fix strangers with curious stares
    that trap the weak minded, or the too kind,
    who wander too far amongst tree-trunks and find
    that high in the eaves of the evergreen forest
    are houses wrapped round in the shape of a torus
    where live this fierce folk whose eyes trap the soul
    of any who see them while out on a stroll.”

    “They had trapped my old uncle? Well it serves him right!
    He’s as weak as the sun in the middle of night!”

    “As may be,” said the stranger, “but he needed a hand,
    so I gave him a push and the two of us ran
    while the Slinch bumped on down from their houses so high:
    they pulled up the their legs and around they did fly
    on steps spiralled tight about the strong trunks,
    each bounce on their bottoms made a sound like a THUNK!
    that told us they’d soon enough be at our heals…
    perhaps you can think just how dreadful that feels.”

    “Oh I can,” said Miss Cindy, “How did you escape?”

    “My morse got us out of that terrible scrape…
    Good McDuff was there waiting, off to the side
    so we leapt on his back and away we did ride
    ’til the cries of the Slinch had faded away,
    though I still get that nightmare to this very day.”

    “How terribly terrible to suffer such dreams…
    my own are of butterfly cows drinking cream
    and fields of petunias, purple and black,
    with all happy workers, none of them slack!”

    “Sounds nightmarish to me, if you don’t mind my saying,
    but in the meantime the old man was weighing
    poor McDuff down quite heavy, and so we pulled up,
    took our ease near the ocean where the cliffs fell abrupt
    down to the seaside, where a boat hove in view,
    such a strange vessel, and I’ve seen quite a few!”

    “Do tell me about it!” Miss Cindy implored,
    “For the first time in years I’m not terribly bored!”


    The butterfly cows were inspired by your butterfly dreaming it was a cat, or possibly vice-versa!

    Poem Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

  2. Those look like discarded wheel rims that the slinch live in: no wonder they are so miserable. Looking forward to the strange vessel….now back to work for me!

    1. Or how about hollowed-out, slightly melted camembert? 😉

      I like how they curve along the middle, so as to let people stick their head out while standing straight.

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