today’s doodle – what if – part 2…

Mount Crumpet Estates!

Following on from last week… what if the evil Cindy Lou is a successful developer who is working over the beautiful natural features of Who-ville for her own benefit?!  And who could that possibly be riding out to the sales office on a horned wannabeast?

This image is not exactly what I had in my mind – I still have to hone my skills to get there… one day!

Here’s a link to someone who has his skills already completely coordinated! Although it’s just getting started, it is interesting enough to keep one tuned while the story unfolds – check out reMIND! … and there’s a cat! (sort of)…

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

UPDATE: To be entertained by a Seuss inspired commentary… you won’t be disappointed if you check the second instalment of our little story in the comments!

7 thoughts on “today’s doodle – what if – part 2…

  1. Beautiful image. Reading Dr. Seuss is not something I have done yet, but you have convinced me to move it up in my list…

  2. … came upon Cindy Loo as she sat on her throne
    high up Mount Crumpet whose slopes she did own
    and lease out to Plebs one square foot at a time
    charging for each a bright silver dime
    or twice that should they–the lazy old things–
    want a roof overhead and a bed made of strings
    in one of her blocks of Brutalist[*] flats
    where downtrodden Whos could hang up their hats.

    Through the towering insulae, wobbling and rough
    A stranger road in on a morse named McDuff!

    He was tall, he was handsome, his long legs brushed the ground
    He made Cindy sit up and her heart start to pound
    despite that weak organ’s minuscule size
    (an inherited thing, like her colour of eyes,
    that she got from the Grinch, her grand-something-or-other–
    it came from her Dad, by way of his mother).

    “Look at that!” Cindy said, to her little dog Big
    who perked up his ears and started to dig
    up a bone to present to this stranger so odd,
    who road up the steps while seeming to nod
    off to sleep, all uncaring about the estates
    and the people who watched him with eyes big as plates
    for he didn’t give Cindy so much as a smile
    nor doff his tall hat, nor bow down servile…
    Instead he just looked at her, high on his morse–
    which is what you get from a moose and a horse–
    and said to her, “Ma’am, I have come from the Grinch…
    he says that you’ll help an old man in a pinch.”


    All I have time for now! I wonder what the Grinch has got himself into?

    [*] By curious coincidence, the Geisel Library at UCSD is on the only genuinely beautiful Brutalist buildings ever made, and is one of the most gorgeous structures, inside and out, that I’ve ever seen. It is named after Audrey and Theodore Geisel, the latter being “Dr Seuss” himself.

    poetry (c) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

    1. Once again – wow!
      Ah yes, brutalism, the architecture we love to hate!… although technically, Who-brutalism has some historical touches (for marketing purposes) with those Who-ville-like curved windows…
      love the “little dog, Big” lol
      Morse is ever so much better than “horned wannabeast” 🙂
      I have never seen that library before – thanks for sharing!!
      OK – I have no idea where this is going either – let’s find out!!

      1. I’m glad you liked it! The images are wonderfully inspiring and I think catch a definite Seussian spirit while still being uniquely your own.

        I see you’ve got a new image up already! I’ll write something for it tomorrow–already past my bedtime here!

      1. One of the most wonderful things about Seuss is that he is read out loud to kids all over the Anglosphere. I think for a lot of kids and not a few parents he is their primary experience of poetry. We could do worse!

        I’m glad you’re liking it, and you should really read the real thing–I’m sure I’ve got some of his books lying about if you’d like to borrow them!

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