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three cherries and two lemons …oil paintings

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three cherries (6″ x 6″)

There is something so appealing about painting fruit! They have clear volumes, interesting textures and beautiful colours!


two lemons (6″ x 8″)

I am currently taking an online painting course …well it’s more than just a painting course. There’s so much to keep one inspired and creating I can’t recommend the courses enough! The two above paintings were created from photos that were included in the course materials. It’s time for me to do more of my own still life setups …just waiting for some nice sunshine for the lighting. In the meantime, these were so much fun to paint! Thank you Timeless Tuscany!

Here is Tom’s humorous poetic take on the idea of still life painting!

Lemons, cherries, on a cloth
resting for the artist’s eye
where by picnickers they’re tossed
to catch a painter on the sly
and lure them into to contemplation
of how to make the saturation
of the colours right and true:
of red that’s red and blue that’s blue.
Still they lie and still they are
placed in textured composition
vying for the best position
looking good from near and far.
Beauty’s mystery revealed
by all that’s opened, all that’s sealed.

paintings (c) 2018 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2018 TJ Radcliffe



last plums …oil painting

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last plums

Maybe not the very last of the season but with just a few in the box, it seemed like a good title. Juicy and sweet, they have to be eaten carefully …or with abandon, letting the juice run down your chin and arms!

The glowing purple-red of the plums contrasts with the dull green cardboard box.

Wishing you abundance this harvest season.

(c) 2017 Hilary Farmer

three plums in a bowl …oil painting

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just plummy!

More of the season’s bounty – delicious “prune plums”. Ever since I learned that prune is the French for plum, this name has seemed curiously redundant. 🙂 I believe these are the type of plums that are dried into prunes hence the logic of the name in English but they were delicious fresh!

As usual, this was painted alla prima (in one quick session). The background green-ish yellow colour was chosen as complimentary to the plums.

Find joy in the simple things and may the day bring you contentment!

(c) 2017 Hilary Farmer

pair of pears – 3 (Bartlett) …oil painting

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pair of pears -3

Third in the series with Bartlett pears this time – a lovely green with subtle warm tones hinting towards red and yellow. The ribbed blue bowl added a fun counterpoint to the organic pear forms. The background contains the complimentary colours of the subject. This 6″x 6″ oil on gessoed board was painted alla prima and as with all three “pair of pears”, painted entirely with a #10 flat brush.

May the simple things in life bring you joy and contentment!

(c) 2017 Hilary Farmer

posies in glass jar – oil painting

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sunlit posies

A joyful little painting – I’m happy with the way the contrast between light and dark really makes the flowers pop!

Here is Tom’s poem. He says he sees this painting as a metaphor for some beautiful, elegant woman basking on a yacht! 🙂

Overflowing blossom
scarf tied ’round round throat
basking in the sunshine
living life afloat!

image (c) 2017 Hilary Farmer
poem (c) 2017 TJ Radcliffe


oil painting – still life 2…

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jug, book and wine glass

My second ever oil painting. As with the previous post, this painting was created during a class taken under the instruction of Charles Vinh. This still life set up was more challenging than the first one since there were a greater variety of textures and materials to represent. The transparency of the wine glass was an especially interesting thing to attempt – but not as successful as I had hoped. More confidence with the medium should give a smoother line to the brush strokes in time. The potential within oils to great a softness and luminosity, difficult to achieve with acrylics, is still what is most exciting in my experimentation with this traditional medium.
This week, I start an additional short course in acrylics – one that should teach some of the unique qualities of that medium  rather than trying to force it into the mould of oils. It will be a very busy few weeks while the two courses overlap and work gears up for a looming deadline.

image (cc) 2012 Hilary Farmer

oil painting – a beginning…

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first oil painting – blue jug and pumpkin

It has been much too long since my last post. My old HP tablet pc stopped working so I haven’t been able to create new computer drawings. While I look for a new tablet pc or hybrid slate or whatever they’re called now, I will share some other art.
Since I have been wanting to try working in oils for a while now, I decided to start with a basic course this fall. The subject matter for our first still life was quite simple but I can see the potential for that luminous quality that oil paintings can have even in this first attempt. I am also enjoying the quality that oils have of staying workable on the canvas much longer than acrylics.
A new creative journey begins!

Note: The signature was added digitally for upload purposes since this is just course work.

(cc) Hilary Farmer 2012